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There is a great deal of advertising for car insurance taking place on television. With everyone claiming to be about $500 less expensive than the last guy, you would think auto insurance would be free by now.

The truth is, ALL of that advertising is meant for present customers of those companies to believe there is no point in shopping because you already have the lowest rate on the street. None of that is true! You should shop your car insurance ESPECIALLY if you are with one of those companies!

The rate you pay is based upon dozens of factors. These include not only your age and driving record, but also how far you drive, what you use your car for, and more surprisingly, your credit score. The trick is finding an insurance company that uses this information in a balance that is favorable for YOU! Our agency has been finding that balance for our customers for over 70 years.

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    Helping You Make an Informed Decision

    Insurance is not a commodity that you can pick off the shelf and assume you have what you need. It takes careful attention to detail; detail most people do not have time to understand. It takes more than a call to a stranger on the end of an 800 number who you will probably never speak to again. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money to get the right coverage that you need. You just need the right people to help you find it. In addition, our staff watches your renewal pricing for you. We will discuss your needs and any changes that need to be made every year and often place you in a different company to better serve you when necessary. Each of our customers has unique needs that are specific to their lives. Here at Coste, we have several companies to offer you because no one insurance company can be all things for all people.

    Do you own motorcycles or antique and collector cars? No problem, we have several markets available for you too!

    The Coste Agency Difference

    • We are competitive because we have several insurance companies to choose from.
    • We’ll explain the coverage and help you figure out what you really need.
    • We’ll remind you to NOT purchase extra coverage for a rental car while you’re on vacation!
    •  You will always get to speak to the same people.
    •  We’ve been serving our customers for 71 years.
    •  You don’t get to be the oldest business in the community unless you have something good to offer your customers that will keep them coming back.