The Coste Insurance Agency, Inc.

A Family Owned & Operated Insurance Agency in Holbrook
Founded in 1948

The Coste Agency provides personal and commercial insurance for the Holbrook and surrounding communities. With competitive rates and many insurance companies to choose from, our customers are assured of getting the best rates for their auto, home, and business insurance.

auto insurance

Auto Insurance

The rate you pay is based upon dozens of factors. These include not only your age and driving record, but also how far you drive, what you use your car for, and more surprisingly, your credit score. The trick is finding an insurance company that uses this information in a balance that is favorable for YOU!
homeowners insurance

Homeowner's Insurance

Your home is your most valuable asset. It does not depreciate over time; in fact, its value generally increases. That’s why buying replacement cost coverage is so important. Your coverage grows as the value of your home increases.
flood insurance

Flood Insurance

Flood is never covered under a homeowner’s policy. All flood policies are backed by our federal government and therefore have different regulations from all other policies that are governed by state regulators.
aircraft insurance

Aircraft Insurance

Although there are many airplane owners on Long Island, there are few who realize they can get local service for the purchase of this coverage. In addition to having a knowledgeable pilot on our staff, we have access to all the specialty markets that provide coverage for both individual aircraft owners, those who rent, corporate owners as also aviation business insurance.
boat insurance

Yachts, Boats & Personal Watercraft

We have many choices to accommodate the needs and uses of the various “toys” that many people own. If you are unsure about whether or not you might need specific insurance for the powered devices many take for granted, it’s worth talking about making sure you are properly protected when engaging in the fun side of life.
umbrella policies

Umbrella Policies

An Umbrella is a liability policy that picks up where the liability in your auto policy and your homeowner’s policy leaves off. The key to getting it right is making sure you have enough coverage in the auto and home policies to meet where the umbrella benefit starts.
life insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance requires common sense decision making. One should never lose sight of the real purpose of life insurance; that of providing for the financial needs of one’s family or business as the result of the death of the person who provides financial security.